Cemetery Bridals: Shelby + Jordan

In honor of Halloween this month, I thought it would be appropriate to blog this amazing cemetery bridal session! My cousin, Shelby, had a SUPER unique idea for her bridal session. When she told me she wanted to go to a cemetery, I won’t lie, I questioned it. HAHA boy, was I wrong to do that! She picked this gorgeous location and I was blown away!

Please enjoy this gallery and fight the urge to get married in a graveyard. I dare you.

Mountain Field Loves

I got to tag along with another photographer to this shoot and it was soooooo much fun. I got to FINALLY meet Kelsie Andrus is a super funny and super talented photographer that I had been wanting to meet for monthssssssss. I am so glad that I got to finally meet her and shoot with her! You guys will WANT to look her up, she is amazing! 

This is the couple she asked to model for her. They were so fun to work with and (obviously) so photogenic, it's gross. 

Anyways, I am thee worst at blogging. So, as always, please enjoy looking through my favorites from this cute mountain field session. 


Modern Maternity -- Krista

I am so thrilled to be blogging this session tonight. I have known Krista for a few years now. She is a super talented photographer in Utah that I have always looked up to and loved. I love everything about her, honestly. I am lucky to call her a friend. 

When she asked me to take her maternity photos I was so honored and jumped at the opportunity. Her ideas were so fresh and spunky; JUST LIKE HER AS A PERSON. 

Since these were taken, she had her baby, a perfect little boy. 



Jackie + Clint Romantic Mountain Shoot

Jackie and Clint are 2 of my most favorite people. 

I am always so honored when they ask me to take their photos.  The love these 2 have for each other is like something out of a storybook. You can literally feel their love and connection just by looking at them. Especially through photographs. 


I will keep this post short and sweet, so here are my favorites from my winter mountain shoot with Jackie and Clint! 


Breea + Lance Sunrise Session


I have gotten sooo behind on blogging this winter. So I thought I would start my catch-up with one of my favorite sessions I've done over this crazy winter. 

These photos look like they were taken in October, BUT NO middle of December! I can't believe that lack of snow we have had this season. Of course, it is here in full force now so I don't know what I'm complaining about. 

Anyways, look through this little session and enjoy! 


Haunted Bride

Halloween was yesterday, so I thought it would be fitting to blog about this shoot I put together for October! The house you see in this shoot is a place I drive by ALL the time to get to Payson canyon. Every time I drive passed it, I think "man, I want to shoot there. Something creepy". So I finally did it with an amazing team of vendors and photographers! And I am so thrilled about how the images turned out. 

Model: Kelli Crotts

Makeup: Makenzie Peacock/ Peacock Artistry 

Dress: J. Noelle Designs

Bouquet: Bailey Jo Floral Designs

Veil & headpieces: Danani Handmade 

Photographers: me (these are all my images), Miranda Lael, Chelsea Mitchell 


Rainy Mountain Summer Wedding

London + Brian Summer Wedding

This one of my favorite weddings of the season. The mountain location was incredible, THE FOOD, the guests, THE PHOTO VAN, and of course the INCREDIBLE BRIDE AND GROOM.

The details of this day were unreal. Take a look for yourself:

Kenzie + Justus

Remember this cute couple? I blogged their engagement session a few posts back. Well here is their bridals. prepare yourself for some cute-ass bridals, ya'll. 

Antelope Island Engagments: Averee + Cody

I got so behind on my blog posts, I forgot how much I love this session! Going through these, each picture was "oh yeah! I forgot about this one." "WTF I love this, why haven't I posted this anywhere?" "k but really I'm posting all of these." 

So enjoy this adorable engagement session. and as always, thank you so much for looking! 


Jessi + Trevor Engagments: Tunnel Springs

This is one of my favorite engagement shoots I've done to date. Trevor (like most men that come on my shoots) wasn't a fan of getting his photos taken. He was nice and cooperative. AND you would never guess from these photos that he laughed at and was hesitant to do EVERYTHING I told him to do. HA! I feel like I broke him out of his shell a little bit, and that was honestly the best part for me!

Let's move on to the most important part of this shoot: JESSI'S SON, OLLIE. He is literally the cutest little human I have ever come in contact with. And I almost smuggled him in my car with me & brought him home. He was so cute and sweet and he made me heart MELT like butter. ugh. 


anyway enough of me blabbering on, lets get to the good stuff: 

Kenzie + Justus Engagments | Payson UT

When you get to take pictures of your sister-in-law & her fiance, you take a million. and they're all your favorites. and you can't choose which ones to post, so you post them all. 

Just prepare for that while you look through these. 


Spring Engagements at the capitol

For years I had always heard of other photographers dying over the blossoms at the capitol building in the spring time. SO when Kassie and Marc told me they were wanting a classy, dressy engagement shoot I knew it was the place to go! Here are some of my favorites from this session! 


Antelope Island Styled Shoot

I was lucky enough to be involved in a styled shoot with a few other super talented people. We had 2 ridiculously pretty people modeling for us. a gorgeous dress. amazing florals. and 4 photographers each trying to get their shots in. It was the first time I had ever done a styled shoot with so many other photographers. and let me just be honest in saying that I wasn't a huge fan of it. I like to be in control. HA.

I wasn't a fan of it, that is, until I got home and looked through the photos I had taken. I WAS IN FREAKING LOVE. so maybe I was being a little bit of a bitch.  OK most definitely.

This experience definitely let me know that just because I can't be in control of every shoot I do, doesn't mean I can't get great shots. I also got to spend time with some amazing people. so....how could I complain?

Here is literally every single photo from that night. look at them all. I promise it will be worth it. all 50 something of them. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Peaches and Peonies // Bling It On Dress Rental // McKinlee HMUA // Catt Shupe collab

I had been wanting to go down to St. George (or at that time anywhere warmer than Santaquin, UT. ha.) for a shoot for a long time. So I finally grew the balls to try and put it all together. And let me just say, putting together styled shoots is pretty stressful. I know it doesn't seem that way when looking at everyone else's gorgeous masterpiece styled shoots. but, hi, they are hard. HA. 

I asked a few local talents to help me on this shoot: 

I asked my pretty little sis to model for me (obvi)

Got in touch with Allie from Peaches and Peonies floral design who provided the amazing floral crown and baby's breath bouquet.

Mckinlee Madsen agreed to do hair and makeup. and she did an amazing job. the look lasted all day long.

Bling It On Dress Rentals in Riverton, UT provided the gorgeous dress. 

Now all I had to do was not mess this shoot up and make all of these AMAZING people disappointed. hahahahahahahaha (nervous laugh). 

Catt and I drove our asses all the way down to St. George to Snow Canyon and it was sooooo freaking worth the drive. It was GORGEOUS scenery. It was so nice to get away from snow and shoot in the red rocks. I underestimated how hard those red rocks would be to edit, BTW. or maybe it's just me? probably just me. We also decided to dress Catt in a different outfit and drive down to Dixie State college and shoot there for a quick second. 

anyway. if you made it this far into the post congratulations. Here are some of my favorites from this session!



Going into this session I had no expectations or premeditated plan. I was just gonna go with the flow and hope for the best. All I knew was that I HAD to have pictures of this girl.

Ellie is so gorgeous and has such a unique style. She impressed me down to my core. She is a super talented young woman. A SPECTACULAR artist, warm soul, and real-hearted human. I am so lucky to have met her and got the chance to work with her.

And not to mention she sells these badass dread extensions. So if you want to go purchase some head on over to her etsy shop.  


Jackie Counts // BraBar Boutique Collab

Jackie is like, my favorite person to photograph. ever. She is so cute, sweet, real, and we just work and get along together so well.

Throw in Mimi Porter, who designed all the amazing pieces and works for BraBar Boutique, and you have some serious freaking magic. 

You will recognize the garland hanging on the wall from BlueJay Floral (from the maternity session I blogged a couple posts back). It worked AMAZING for this shoot. We went to The-Photo-Shop studio in Payson. It was a little cold, a little dirty, and lot of AWESOME. perfect for this shoot and the garland.

One of my favorite sessions to date! I hope you all love it as much as I do!!


Jiajing Yi Portraits

This cute girl reached out to me to do a shoot and I was completely THRILLED. I mean, come one, look at her!

This winter has been suuuuuper slow for me (has it been for everyone?) so I have been doing a ton of collaborations and styled shoots which have been amazing. This one by far one of my favorites! 

We went up to Salt Lake to Paradise Palm, then we walked around the streets for a minute and found the cutest antique shop, then we went to a Baskin Robins. and it was all amazing. 

There are so many favorites in this collection so heads up. be prepared for about a million images to look through. ;) 


Stacey Maternity // BlueJay Floral Collab

I got to put together this adorable maternity shoot for Stacey with the help of Mckenna from BlueJay Floral. I knew that I wanted some kind a garland that we could drape over Stacey's arms and shoulders like a shawl. Mckenna TOTALLY nailed it and brought my vision to life! I could not have asked for better. 

I haven't gotten to do very many maternity shoots lately and I felt like I needed more in my portfolio. So here we are. I wanted something unique and different. I also had to choose a location that would really highlight the garland and not take away from it or Stacey. So I chose to go out to the Great Saltair out on the flats. And it was freaking perfect. 

It was a little bit hard to work in a location where there's literally nothing... but it tested my creativity and challenged my mind to get unique images. And I loved every single second of it. 

Stacey was such a trooper walking through the cold and muddy flats! I have not shot out there ever.. and didn't really know what to expect. Especially with it being winter! Winter without snow for that matter. 

I'm so happy with how the session turned out. HUGE thanks to BlueJay Floral for making my maternity dreams come true haha! 

Mandy Seniors

I got to take pictures of this FREAKING GORGEOUS high school senior last weekend. And can I just say.... IM OBSESSED. Mandy was so sweet and so easy to work with. We also got to take her pictures on her 18th birthday! How cool is that?! She chose to spend her birthday shooting with ME. I took that as such an honor! Her sweet mom came along too and carried all her clothes and shoes. She was such a trooper in the freezing cold!

I have really loved to learn single person portraits. GIVE ME ALL THE SENIORS :) 

Jackie Boudoir // Natalie Krall Artistry Collab

My first blog post on my new website. How exciting! Not that I think a whole lot of people will see it. but it's fun for me ;) early this month I was able to work with Natalie Krall Artistry on a boudoir shoot. We asked Jackie Counts to be our model and I asked my friend, Taelor Drury of Tiel Photography to shoot with me. We shot at ECD Studio in American Fork. AMAZING.

 To say "it was so fun" would be an understatement. I loved working with all these amazing, talented women! Here are the photos from that shoot! 


Heads up, this is a BOUDOIR shoot sooooo be prepared to see Jackie in some seriously gorgeous lingerie pieces ;)