Peaches and Peonies // Bling It On Dress Rental // McKinlee HMUA // Catt Shupe collab

I had been wanting to go down to St. George (or at that time anywhere warmer than Santaquin, UT. ha.) for a shoot for a long time. So I finally grew the balls to try and put it all together. And let me just say, putting together styled shoots is pretty stressful. I know it doesn't seem that way when looking at everyone else's gorgeous masterpiece styled shoots. but, hi, they are hard. HA. 

I asked a few local talents to help me on this shoot: 

I asked my pretty little sis to model for me (obvi)

Got in touch with Allie from Peaches and Peonies floral design who provided the amazing floral crown and baby's breath bouquet.

Mckinlee Madsen agreed to do hair and makeup. and she did an amazing job. the look lasted all day long.

Bling It On Dress Rentals in Riverton, UT provided the gorgeous dress. 

Now all I had to do was not mess this shoot up and make all of these AMAZING people disappointed. hahahahahahahaha (nervous laugh). 

Catt and I drove our asses all the way down to St. George to Snow Canyon and it was sooooo freaking worth the drive. It was GORGEOUS scenery. It was so nice to get away from snow and shoot in the red rocks. I underestimated how hard those red rocks would be to edit, BTW. or maybe it's just me? probably just me. We also decided to dress Catt in a different outfit and drive down to Dixie State college and shoot there for a quick second. 

anyway. if you made it this far into the post congratulations. Here are some of my favorites from this session!