Jessi + Trevor Engagments: Tunnel Springs

This is one of my favorite engagement shoots I've done to date. Trevor (like most men that come on my shoots) wasn't a fan of getting his photos taken. He was nice and cooperative. AND you would never guess from these photos that he laughed at and was hesitant to do EVERYTHING I told him to do. HA! I feel like I broke him out of his shell a little bit, and that was honestly the best part for me!

Let's move on to the most important part of this shoot: JESSI'S SON, OLLIE. He is literally the cutest little human I have ever come in contact with. And I almost smuggled him in my car with me & brought him home. He was so cute and sweet and he made me heart MELT like butter. ugh. 


anyway enough of me blabbering on, lets get to the good stuff: